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Putting details of all my short story publication on this page isn't working. There are just too many of them! (Nice problem to have, eh?) From now on, I'll be posting them on the website, so look here if you feel you're not getting quite enough bragging from me!

If you'd like to read more of my stories than you can find in the current magazines, you can download lots of them for 39p each from Alfie Dog Fiction, or get one of my collections. Not A Drop To Drink is generally available as FREE download. Through The Garden GateOver The Garden Fence and Up The Garden Path are all collections of 24 short stories available in paperback and ebook forms (they're also held in some UK libraries)

Many of my short stories are available from Alfie Dog - priced at 39p each. You're also quite likely to come across them in magazines such as Fiction Feast, Woman's Weekly, My Weekly and The Weekly News. If you're very observant, and I get lucky, you could find them mentioned in competition shortlists too.

FREE ebook! FREE ebook! FREE ebook!

Not a Drop to Drink. A FREE collection of my short stories which is available Amazon, or direct from the publisher.

Did I mention it's FREE?

Up The Garden Path, Over The Garden Fence and Through The Garden Gate are available as ebooks at £1.99 each, paperbacks at around £7 or can be borrowed from UK libraries.

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  1. Patsy, just been browsing your short stories and wanted to say I have really enjoyed them. Beautifully written and descriptive. Thanks for sharing.


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